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Consumer First

Across the last two decades, we have evolved & upgraded ourselves in bettering our service to the customer. At Metina, we’ve also been aware of the compelling environmental challenges & are always taking conscious efforts in pursuing our agro-business responsibly. We thrive to work towards an environment-friendly future.

Best in-class quality

Quality is our promise. At Metina, we use high-grade raw materials that are backed with the most advanced cleaning and processing facilities, thereby assuring our customers optimum ROI on their businesses transactions/purchases.

Branding & Packaging

We do everything. We design labels, stickers, banners & produce infographic content (local language, wherever required) intricately, according to our client’s needs. Our branding team assists you in presenting the product which ensures better brand promotion, stronger brand visibility & more importantly, high customer satisfaction.

Shipments & Logistics

When it comes to large scale businesses, particularly agro-based businesses, a smooth flow of management & commitment is what every customer seeks. Metina’s hassle-free supply chain management ensures on-time deliveries, so that our customers can optimise their inventories and maximise their profits.

Customer Support

We value our customers highly. Hence, we make sure that the people we are in business with, are catered with prompt support for all their requests & issues. Metina offers support to its esteemed customers even at the most basic grass root level.

Grow with us globally

Connect with us from the remotest corner of the world. Metina provides country specific product solutions to enable its customers to cater to suitable products in their respective countries.

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Our creative & strategy team is always at the periphery to help our business partners in achieving their business goals. Contact us at: